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Anonymous asked:

The fact that men are telling us to "make video games then!" is super gross. Men can be gamers and still be catered to without knowing a thing about game development. Why is it on a woman's shoulders to develop games in an industry where she's underrepresented, underpaid, and unappreciated just so we can have decent, nonsexualized representation? I'm all for girls who want to be game devs but why does it have to be a requirement to be a gamer as well?


It totally should not be

consider any other medium. When someone criticizes and shitty movie or book they aren’t told to make their own. even just look at how dude gamers are. If one of their favorite series gets fucked up they moan about it just as much as anyone else does(if not more), but for ssooommmee reeaasoonn when women criticize something, they’re just a bunch of needy assholes who are ~entitled~ and should just make their own games.

nevermind that the games we make dont have MILLIONS OF DOLLARS behind them and are most likely to be played by a very small audience and will almost definitely have absolutely NO impact on the industry whatsoever

I’m so sick of that damn argument and i’m aggravated to hell and back that it only ever gets tossed out towards women

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